About Us
by Givemebuzz
Hi there… 🙂

… and glad you stopped by. Now, I might not be a mind reader, but I’m pretty sure that if you’ve come to givemebuzz because you’re kind of bored and you need some juicy new stories and gossip. We also provide funny , Original and cute content. With us, you’ll never be bored again!!

Let me tell you a little more about myself (don’t worry, I’m not going to drone on for hours.)…

My name’s Joseph, and I’m just a regular guy who’s come to realize that I like to write the latest news in a buzzy fun way so I can entertain you and your friends. There is also an additional writer with me called Katty, She works for free.. Just because we’re friends but one day when our site gets bigger hopefully I can pay for her services.

And that, in a nutshell, is what Givemebuzz is all about.
Enjoy your stay with us and send us an email If you feel like something is missing in our website.

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