Start Your Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Adventure Using These Tips and Tricks
In the newest Nintendo game The legend of Zelda: breath of the wild, You're going to face many challenges, You will be stuck in random places of the game wondering what You've missed or where did you use an item you shouldn't have used for the sake of the main quest, You will also die..A lot! That's why I took upon my responsibility to equip you well with some tips and tricks that are definitely going to make your adventure more enjoyable and less frustrating. Zelda Breath Of The Wild is one of the most fun and enjoyable games I played in a while. I learned as I played and I will share my knowledge with all of you.  

Runes are important!

If you ever get stuck don't forget to check your Runes that are there to help you control the 5 elements of magic, They're unlimited but whenever you find some keep them safe until you're stuck so you can use magic for your way out.  

Weapons always come first

Weapons in this game glass, So use them cleverly, Never waste a rare item or weapon on a weak enemy, Yes they will die faster but your weapon will break faster too. Hide your overpowered swords in your inventory for boss fights and annoying monsters, That way you will have better chances against them.  

Always check your stamina

You can run, Climb and jump everywhere in the game, No area is forbidden or limited. It's a completely beautiful and charming open-world, But don't forget that Nintendo is trying to make the game as realistic as possible. That's why you have stamina! Losing Stamina can cause you to drown, fall from mountains and simply get tired while 5 monsters are chasing you with big huge swords, They will happily stab you with them and you will be dead. No one wants that so always check your stamina!  

Take care of your horse

If you're sneaky and stealthy enough to catch a horse and mount it, It's yours forever. But having a horse in Zelda Breath Of The wild comes with responsibilities, Don't forget to take care of it. rewarding it with items and rubs when it did something good or when it saves your life. In the game, you have a bond with every character you meet. Your horse is one of them so be a good friend.  


If you get yourself in a really dangerous situation and you're too weak to win against your enemies, You got one thing to do and I bet you already did it on other games you played, Your only choice is running for your life and coming back stronger.  Or if the monsters are just annoying and you got no time to waste on them, Use your stealth skills! go right past them without them ever noticing your existence. It works ! and it also feels good when correctly done. You don't to get caught sneaking on a pack of enemies. It happened to me once and it was not beautiful.

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