Top Animes You Need To Watch For A Magical & Unforgetable Experience


  An Anime film created by studio 4 C that won many awards, The anime is so charming you'll get hooked instantly, It got wide variations of incredibly detailed backgrounds, A beautiful drawing style, and a warm environment. The story is about two homeless children running around in their hometown. The reason why this film got so many awards is because of the incredibly talented designers that managed to create a world that will without doubt suck you in as if you were part of it.   Sometimes you may also get dizzy , Mainly because of the way the town is drawn, It's as if everything moves with your eye pupils and the angle of the scene. The colors are a mix of a warm sunny day and a depressing cold reality that the makers of this masterpiece are trying to make us feel through their work. Something unusual in the anime world, Which means they took a real risk by creating this film. A risk the anime community is grateful for. taking risks and thinking out of the box is something everyone should do, Since most of the time we get successful beautiful masterpieces like Tekkonkinkreet.  

Princess Mononoke

"Princess Mononoke" is a brilliant animated film from 1997 by the extremely talented "Studio Ghibli". This film follows a young man whose main goal is to bring balance to the spirit world and the world of humans. However, this is very difficult as both humans and the spirits are constantly trying to destroy each other. This is an incredibly well done animated film with a very good message and theme. The theme being war will only destroy the world and possibly all that we have built, but if we work together and stop fighting we can live in harmony and make a beautiful world. This movie was definitely made to make people think about the environment and about how we treat others.    

5 Centimeters Per Second

A trilogy produced by CoMix Wave films, The film take us back to the past and the present of two childhood best friends that didn't manage to keep their friendship due to distance and some life stressful events that happened to both our protagonists. Like every anime in this list the visual effects and drawing style is just beautiful, Something that will take your breath through the whole anime. You won't believe that you watched 3 hours of it since the magical journey will swallow any time awareness you have. The anime doesn't get the job done only on the visual part of it, CoMix Wave also worked hard on the emotional part making it easier to understand and have an emotional attachment to most of the characters. Also, the film landscapes are mixed with blue and oranges colors making them a masterpiece, finally we recommend to not watch this film while tired because you may fall asleep not because it's boring but because of how soothing and beautiful it is.  

Spirited Away

    Of course, you know this one! If you don't then you have some catching to do. This anime film was created by Studio ghibli, A famous Japanese animation studio that created multiple fascinating and magical worlds, Let's just say that's what they're good at. anything they make has got that ghibli touch in it. After you watch a Ghibli movie then you watch another one you'll definitely tell that they were made by the same studio. it's that magical Ghibli touch taking effect on your brain. Spirited away is an anime about a little girl journey into a world ruled by witches and gods, She had no clue how she landed there and why a witch is after her. We won't spoil it for you in case you're planning on watching it which we heavily recommend. Again the world is gorgeous and visually addicting. Filled with cute creatures and not so cute monsters. The meaning of the movies is much deeper than what you can expect so we'll let you figure that out on your own.  

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