Uber President Is Quitting As Company Deals With Sexism And Social Issues



Officially Uber is a “ride-sharing service”.

In practice… it’s a taxi service. You order a car from your phone and all payments are handled via your phone app. You can split fares, set your destination and even link your bank account to automate payments.

The drivers are salaried so there is no need to tip them and drive their personal cars which means you usually ride around in a nicer car than a 1990’s Crown Victoria. Also their prices are anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3’s cheaper than a standard taxi.

2017 is not a good year for Uber since a lot happened and is still happening to them, From public strikes to sexism and social issues that Jeff jones and Susan Fowler  Rigetti took a big role in exposing the truth behind Uber doors.


Jeff Jones the president of the successful company Uber previously the executive of Target is quitting due to the continuous social issues.

Jeff stated to Recode “The usual values that I was following in my personal and professional life was not present in my current position at Uber, Hence the reason for me to end it here” “Saying this doesn’t mean that there are no decent people in the company, There are thousands of very professional and kind people that I’m still friend with, I hope everything will get better until then I wish you all well”

Uber didn’t miss the opportunity to confirm the news about the departure of its new head president of the company By giving a brief and short statement on their social media platforms.

One of their statement “We appreciate the time that Jeff Jones has spent in our company as president, We wish him the best in his professional career”

Uber has recently made a lot of negative buzz because of some serious accusations from their previous engineer Susan Fowler  Rigetti, Where she wrote about how toxic and unfair the environment in the work area is, How sexual harassment and inequality are strongly present and how the persons supposed to do something about it usually ignored the bad behavior and work ethics or just simply did nothing about it.

A lot of women that are working in the successful company spoke out about the whole situation after Susan’s post went viral and people all over the world shared her story on their social media accounts making the post reach important news platforms, They reached to her and after she told the whole detailed story about how it was a really bad place for productivity, Over 120 female workers supported her and confirmed what was happening inside the walls of Uber.

In response to the whole controversy, Travis Klanick the Ceo of the company had made clear instructions to investigate the whole case, He also invited Susan Fowler  Righetti for a meeting where he apologized to her, Saying he wasn’t aware of the sexism going on in the company and he also promised that he will make sure that no such thing will ever occur again.



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