Here Are The Most Common Personalities All Cats Have, Pick Your Cat’s Personality!

We all love our lovely grumpy cats but did you know that cats have personalities just like us, We did our research and came out with the most common personalities.

This all came to light due to Dr. Lauren Finka hard work, She interviewed almost 300 cat owners and also tested those cats using puzzles, Behavioral tests, and daily tendencies. After she collected the data and started analyzing it, She came to the conclusion that cats are indeed just like humans, They have complex personalities making them really smart!

One more interesting thing to know, Cats personalities are determined through genes, How they were treated as kittens and mainly, their mom’s tendencies.


3. The detective personality:

This is no secret, Cats are known to be sharp and curious animals. But the cats with this type of personality are just full of energy! They sniff everything and anyone. Exploring every corner of your house and touching every object they can lay their hands on. Sometimes it’s just too tiring to control their detective aura, but they’re lovely cats with good intentions since they usually search your place for anything that can threaten you, So let them be curious.



2. The Hunter personality:

Cats are hunters by default since their hunting instinct is one of the best, They rarely miss a catch and if you watch some videos on youtube that are showing the whole process, You won’t help it but feel amazed at how accurate they are. But! hunter cats can be a real pain in the butt, If you keep this kind of cats inside four walls expect them to go full destroyer mode, They’ll jump on any precious item you got as if it was a bird ending their hunt fantasy by breaking your items, It would be best to buy them some cat toys so they can switch from their destroyer mode to sleepy mode, Or maybe let them go outside from time to time, Who knows they might bring you a dead mouse, We all love those, right?


1. The human personality:

These type of cats are friendly and adorable, They are also lazy and very needy. If you don’t let them sleep on your lap while petting them, they’ll get too insecure and demand that as fast as possible. You better comply since they will stop at nothing until all their wishes are fulfilled, They don’t care how busy or how tired you are, They come first you come second. In your house, they make the rules, They are the perfect match for lonely people since you get to socialize with their paws 24/7 until they get tired and nap on your warm human pillow. Don’t move if you’re tired !! You don’t want to wake them up again!


Me personally I have the human cat and I love him! He’s my friend forever and ever and I don’t care If I come second, Since I’m giving him the illusion that he’s the one making the rules but I’m the Boss, He just doesn’t know it yet 😉




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