Facebook Just Made A Bunch Of Changes That You And Me Are Unable To Notice
  The average non-geeky person usually believes that websites are made to be updated with content but not with deep coding that can change how the algorithms of the website work, Like why you get that specific post from your friend on your wall but another person who is friend with the same person doesn't. Web sites that don't change the way they receive info, How they receive it and to much extent, they are willing to adapt for the comfort of their users usually die off and other websites who were smart enough to evolve and thrive. To understand this more, we will show you a picture of how Facebook used to look like back in the days, A look at the picture will tell you how much work and change has happened in the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park, California This is how it used to look! Facebook didn't only change the theme to look much more attractive but also changed the way the site functions and that's part of how successful it is now. If Mark stayed focused on just the small task the website was designed for another website would've taken the lead instead of him. It's part of adapting.   Facebook started their changes with their privacy policies that so many people around the world are really frustrated about, This time; they came to tell their users that they care about their privacy and they're willing to protect it no matter what, The new changes will prevent developers from easily accessing all the data available in the servers for surveillance purposes. This action was made not long after the recent government leaks which if analyzed they clearly showed that the CIA had used different numbers of hacking methods for the purpose of spying on the USA and it's citizens conversations. We believe the step was made to ensure and establish a trust connection with its users. If this can make you have a sense of security it's totally up to you, What we can confirm is that the Tech community is more skeptical about the situation.   Another change Facebook made is the way the texts look like, We're not sure if this theme related change is going to be permanent or just testing other fonts to make the site more attractive. The coming days will tell us if the users like it or not. But the change is more than just a theme edit. It looks like they are choosing the text style based on your system default fonts. For example, if you own a Mac laptop your facebook texts will show as the default font of that device which is "San Francisco." They made the change to make it look more familiar to the users' eyes since their system uses the same text font. We think this change is here to stay since it has more to do with the Comfort of the users rather than just testing the waters for something that might work.  

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