The Red Flags You Should Take In Consideration Before Taking The Next Step While Dating
Dating, Something so simple yet so complicated, We've all been on dates before, With people we loved, People we hated it and people we just wanted to run from as fast as possible. Dating is much closer to a gamble, You may say that's only true if you're meeting a stranger from tinder or a friend's friend that you barely know. Well, I say that's not true even if it's your best friend that you learned to love and decided that you want to take the friendship to a more intimate level, Trust me it can go downhill from there pretty fast. The friendship relation will not be the same Because obviously, some people don't treat their friends the same as their partners. You'll get to know him or her on a more personal level and what you may see can destroy both your friendship and your relation. Let's not be pessimistic here, A lot of people that dated had that magical moment where they knew this is the real deal, This is something that's going to last forever! We will count some of the red flags you might witness on your first date, second or even 13th. If you spot one of them that means it's time for you to get the hell out of there.     Overly hostile, Unfriendly to people and an enemy magnet:   Anyone who seems to not get along with his colleagues, Friends or family is a big no-no, There is a reason why they're hated. You can understand if he's/she's got that one co-worker that doesn't like them, Or that family member they don't agree with most of the time, But to be hated by all! it must come from picking fights with people, Trying always to be right and being quick to pick faults with others.   Unreasonable amount of texting / overly attached  This one is pretty obvious, A constant load of messages that keep coming to your phone even if you're not there to text back or to answer the calls Is pretty desperate, I mean don't get me wrong we all love a caring partner who keeps reminding us how much they love us, But at some point if texting becomes spamming, It will only show how needy their personality is.       Too much mind games and hidden tests  This is one of the worst red flags so far! If you encounter this one, don't look back. Playing too much mind games, making you go through drama or fake stories only to conclude how good you are for them is a no-no. Stuff like "I only went out with my male colleague for a drink to see how jealous you are and if it's healthy for me, Or the saying "I only left you to see if you're going to want me back" this is the worst kind of people so don't participate in those mind games, Although I must say "The leaving test" is the biggest favor they can do to you, Remember you must fail that test and never come back 🙂        

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